Enjoy Countless Hours of Fun
An interactive poster enables visual and knowledge to explore human anatomy. Engage in fun learning activities on how amazing our body works! Discover how our body parts, organs, muscles and bones function. Friendly voices, music, and flashing lights to guide children through this playful learning experience.


Each subject posters can learn amazing information and facts on how our body works and functions.


Quiz (Basic & Advanced)
2 different levels can let kids learn right and challenge himself.


Different subjects
4 Changeable posters learn about:

  • Body
  • Organs
  • Muscles
  • Bones

Explore how our body parts, organs, muscles and bones function.


Tillywig's Review
"i-Poster My Body offers kids a way to interactively discover and explore a good deal of knowledge and detail about the human body. Each of the four touch-activated talking posters included with the set displays brightly colored imagery and nomenclature for a different anatomical layer - My Body, My Muscles, My Organs and My Bones. In Learn Mode, pressing the button next to any label for a specific body part elicits a highly informative spoken description of the purpose and function of that particular part of the anatomy. Each poster also offers a Quiz Mode, with two levels of play. Basic level names various body parts and asks the player to visually locate them on the poster. Advanced level poses more complex questions based on the body part's functionality or distinguishing characteristics. These fun and engaging educational activities help develop memory, logical thinking, concentration, dexterity, problem-solving, and of course, knowledge of human anatomy."

i-Poster My Body

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    • Family Choice & Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2018! The most valuable interactive touch activated talking poster to discover the wonders of our amazing human body.
    • Explore & Develope knowledge with your fingertips!
    • 4 Changeable posters. Place one mat directly on top of the main mat and press the GO key to play.
    • Unique functions buttons & modes to make kids learn quickly and have a lot of fun! Volume adjustment buttons can adjust the voice to be loud or down. A repeat key, if children missed what it said the first time.
    • Learning has never been so much easy and fun. Hang on a wall, play on the floor or use as a colorful play mat.
    • Discover how our body parts, organs, muscles, and bones function.
    • Skills learned include anatomy, memory, logical thinking, concentration, dexterity, and problem solving.
    • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included); intended for toddlers 5 years and up.

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